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Join the revolution and never pay your vendors per seat again.

With 2.7 Billion Employees around the globe a non-desk workforce, this makes up 80% of all employees. The industries that make up this majority are factories, labs, farms, construction, trucking, Airlines etc. This results in the vast majority of Service Providers ignoring 80% of the workforce with a deskphone only offering.

With the NetSapiens solution, 200+ Service Providers are embracing the deskless workforce with a non-seat based, Mobile First, Unified Communications solution.

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Of the workers who fall into that 20% category that work from a desk, a recent survey by Cisco found “60% of their time is not actually spent at their desk.” Service Providers are asking their Vendors why do I need to pay you for seats that are so underutilized and rarely used.

Oversubscription in the Industry

Oversubscription, which has been practiced by Service Providers for decades, is the practice where currently only 4% of subscribers are on a call at any one time, so why pay your vendors for the 96% not using it.

With NetSapiens user base at over 3 million seats and 200+ Service Providers around the globe, we have seen Oversubscription rates on average at 25:1. With an almost 20% yearly growth rate (CAGR).

With NetSapiens:

  • You only pay for 1 session (active calls) for every 25 users (based on average oversubscription of 25:1), putting the margin in your pocket not ours.
  • The only solution where your cost/subscriber gets cheaper 20% year over year with the oversubscription growth rate year over year.

Why Sessions, Not Seats?

The era of the mobile workforce is upon us. In fact, Google recently put out an estimate that 80% of the global workforce is now performing deskless work every day! Unfortunately, when it comes to providing Unified Communications (UC) features to these deskless employees, many systems operators, carriers and service providers are stuck investing in their platforms on a per-seat basis. That limits them to chasing only about 20% of the workforce – those with actual seats and desks.

Why not expand your addressable market and open your business model to chase up to 5 times as many clients as you are today? If a majority of the workforce today doesn’t have a desk, does it make sense to purchase the UC solutions you want to sell by the seat? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve created this report titled Sessions, Not Seats. In it, we’ll show you why finding a UC platform, like our SNAPsolution, that charges for sessions instead of seats is the way to go. To download your free copy, click the button below!

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Stop paying for seats, our customers don't!

The rise of the mobile-first workforce is being driven by flexible remote work policies, efforts to appeal to the work styles of millenial’s and Generation Z workers. In a move to meet the demands associated with the mobile evolution, businesses are taking a mobile-first approach designing for optimum experience no matter what device they are working from, Today’s workers are not mobile or desktop, they are both. Make sure your platform provider enables you to capture this mobile workforce with a full featured natively integrated Mobile App.

59% use 3 or more devices at work

30% use both their cell phone & desktop app

only 4% of seats are on a call at the same time

Why NetSapiens?

The Only Unified Communications Platform with a
Pricing Model that Makes Sense Based on Sessions, Not Seats

The Only Communications Platform Pricing Model of its Kind

Most hosted VoIP switch providers offer the whistles and bells but where we stand alone is in our billing strategy. We bill based on Sessions, not per seat! This means you can oversubscribe for your phone lines and hosted phone seats which equates to more money in your pocket.

Case Study

In this Case Study, meet SpectrumVoIP who has seen significant operational cost reduction and overall company growth since partnering with netsapiens. Since deploying netsapiens' SNAPsolution, SpectrumVoIP has added more than 48,000 users in two short years!

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Case Study

In this Case Study, you meet Ray Orsini, CEO of Orsini IT, who has seen significant increase in profit, market expansion and ability to meet customer demand. When it came to choosing a new platform vendor, the choice was easy! Read all about it by downloading the Case Study!

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