High Definition Video Conference & Webinar Solution

Talk With Sales


Video Conference

Up to 25 on One Screen

1:1 Meetings


Up to 1000 Attendees

Join By

  • Dial-in conference line.
  • Computer audio/VoIP.
  • Supports one-click to start or join meetings.
  • Display what device participants join meetings with.
  • Ability to connect participants from within meeting using name, extension, email or phone number.

Cloud-Based Meeting & Webinar Recordings

  • Automatically record or ad-hoc recording.
  • Cloud recording, replay or download your online meetings for on-demand viewing with a single click.
  • Don’t just record the video, record the important stuff, the collaboration on screen and the chat too.
  • Store recordings in the cloud.

Meeting Collaboration

  • Screen Sharing
  • Application Sharing
  • Choose Browser Window to Share
  • Document Sharing
  • Edit Files in Real-time
  • Pause & Resume Screen Sharing
  • Broadcast Message – Group Chat
  • Instant 1:1 Chat
  • Personal Meeting Room
SNAP HD Video Collaboration

Secure & Highly Engaging Webinars

  • Supports up to 1000 attendees.
  • Video & audio controls.
  • Record, replay, and reuse your webinar for on-demand viewing with a single click.
  • Require pass-code for greater security.
  • Q&A through group and 1:1 chat.
  • Single sign-on / two-factor authentication.
  • Require pass-code option.
  • Require invitation or registration to join.
  • Signaling secured using WebSockets.
  • Media secured via DTLS/SRTP.
  • 5-layers of access control.

Flexible Host Controls & Scheduling

  • User Management
  • Assign Presenter
  • Send a Message to Meeting Attendees
  • Mute/Unmute Meeting Participants
  • Remove Meeting Participants
  • Lock Meeting
  • Lock Screen Share
  • Require Wait for Host
  • Optional Automatic Meeting Recurrence
  • One-Click Scheduling
  • Reminder Setting Through Email Scheduling