SNAPbuilder: Devices Made Easier

What do your customers value in a phone system? They want something that is highly capable, reliable, and possibly most of all, easy to use. You could be offering them the best phone system on the market, but if they can’t figure out how to get the most out of it, they won’t want to continue using this product. This is where SNAPbuilder comes in!

Gone are the days of juggling user guides and struggling to configure device after device. With SNAPbuilder by NetSapiens, you’re sure to build a stickier customer relationship by providing them with a helpful tool to solve one of their most infuriating problems.

What is SNAPbuilder?

SNAPbuilder is a NetSapiens-exclusive interface that enables you or your customers to easily program the buttons on a variety of different devices. SNAPbuilder makes it so that you no longer need to read page after page of administrator guides looking for exact parameters and values needed to program each device. This can save a company time and money and allows for faster turnup times for you, the service provider.

You are even able to manage this configuration on a system-wide, customer-wide, or access level basis. This gives you and your customers more control and makes setting up new devices easier than ever! With SNAPbuilder you can deploy pre-built templates or make bulk edits across several templates. With the customer portal tool kit, it’s simple to customize your solution.

There are several other features included with SNAPbuilder. Some of these features include the ability to build phone directories from the customer portal, time of day routing for DIDs, Ubuntu 16 support, Gravatar integration, and G722 support for recording.

snapbuilder interface on browser
SNAPbuilder interface

SNAPbuilder is all about simplifying the experience when it comes to customizing your devices.

“The number one response we get when we’re doing demos for end-users is it’s simple, it’s easy to understand, it’s intuitive.” – Ben Humphreys, President & CEO, Simplicity VoIP

SNAPbuilder interface on Desktop device

Configuring SNAPbuilder

Configuring SNAPbuilder is a breeze. The easy-to-use interface can be configured in the admin setting only. This adds a layer of security, as only the business owner or IT representative in the company will have access to the technical side of the system.

Once your customer is in the system, they have several options. They can customize the program with their unique name. They can also enable a read-only mode where their employees can look at but not program or configure anything. If your customers have several devices, each one can be individually programmed and customized. One of the most important features to your clients is that they can add and edit buttons on their devices as well.

“By using NetSapiens, we can create a system that users can administer themselves and have a very user-friendly portal that they can manage themselves. It lowers our support burden and allows us to focus on other things like business growth, as well as other feature sets, implementation, and improvements.” – Jeff Ogden, General Manager, SpectrumVoIP

Watch a demo of SNAPbuilder.

Which Devices Are Supported On SNAPbuilder?

Set your customers up for success by offering them the right tools and devices to improve their daily lives and make communication easy!

The following Grandstream, Avaya, and Fanvil devices are all supported by SNAPbuilder and are all available through NTS Direct. NTS Direct is a value-added distributor offering the top devices your customers are craving.

Grandstream DevicesAvaya Devices  Fanvil Devices 

Click here for our full list of supported devices.

Providers are Set Up for Success with SNAPbuilder

At NetSapiens, our focus is on providing our service providers with all the tools they need to be successful. SNAPbuilder is a great example of that belief as it provides you with the opportunity to create a better customer experience. Our goal is to help you succeed through long-lasting customer relationships built on trusted solutions and highly capable offerings.

Another way we approach this is through valuable relationships with like-minded partners. Not only does NetSapiens partner with the best vendors, but also with great hardware distributors like NTS Direct. NTS Direct provides NetSapiens partners access to the best devices for their customers.

NTS Direct works with the top device manufacturers in order to offer a variety of state-of-the-art choices for providers and their customers. The NTS Direct warehouse is stocked not only with the devices providers want and need, but also with accessories and related devices to make communications solutions work for customers.

If you would like more information about NTS Direct, you can contact them directly. Contact NTS Direct today to discuss a variety of devices that best fit your business and your customer’s needs.

Enable Better Customer Relationships With NetSapiens

If you are not yet part of the NetSapiens community, what’s holding you back? Our dedication to the provider experience means you’ll have access to all the tools you need to start offering your customers the solutions they deserve. Our specialists are ready and waiting to connect with you and get to know more about your company. Contact NetSapiens today to start building better offerings and better customer relationships!