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SNAPmobile Mobile UC for Multiple Devices

With over 80% of people using text messaging for business and the cost of poor communication set to hit $37 billion, why is Mobile UC Client usage as low as 16%? Businesses should be embracing the Mobile-first culture that we are surrounded with in our private lives.

Embracing BYOD is not a choice anymore, it’s a necessity. Employees need to stay connected with the same user experience on the same communication & collaboration tools no matter what device they are using. Mobile UC clients empower users to be always connected to their teams no matter where they are while enabling them with the same collaboration tools as their team members and on any device.

End users are using their mobile devices more and more. But are their Service Providers helping them bring that mobility into their business? SNAPmobile helps you, as a Service Provider, transition your SMBs to Mobility. Read more about that in our Helping SMBs Go Mobile blog.

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Capturing the Mobile Workforce with Unified Communications

According to IDC, the global market intelligence and advisory firm, the U.S. mobile worker population is growing at a steady pace, increasing from 96 million four years ago, and expected to reach 105 million in 2020. By next year, it’s estimated that mobile workers will account for 72 percent of the American workforce. Supported by unified communications as a service (UCaaS) technologies, work is no longer a place so much as it is a space.

Learn how service providers can transition SMBs to a mobile environment and why our mobile application, SNAPmobile, is beyond the landline or desktop. Download your free copy of our report today by clicking the button below!

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Use One Smartphone for work and play.

Employees are bringing their own devices to the job and are showing increasing resistance to having to carry two mobile phones for obvious reasons. With netsapiens SNAPmobile, the business gets the communications and collaboration application they need from a mobile device without having to invest in more devices. SNAPmobile allows the user to download an app or use the web browser and turn their device into a Unified Communications Hub In the palm of your hand.

SNAPmobile on Tablet

Don't let your mobile investments go to waste!

Simply download an app or use a web browser to turn your existing mobile device into a UC Hub.

SNAPmobile Provides:

Siri Integration

Virtual Attendant

Seamless Wi-Fi / Cellular Handoff

Move Your Call With You

Make & Receive Business Calls

Instant Messaging

SMS Messaging

Shared Contacts

View Call & Message History

Voice-to-Text Voicemail Transcription Using Google AI

Maintain Your Business Identity

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