Supporting Contact Centers

If 2020 has shown us anything – and it’s shown us a lot – it’s that remote work is here to stay.

One high profile research group, Nemertes, recently reported, because of COVID-19, almost 91% of companies now have employees working from home (WFH). Post- pandemic, a whopping 71% are still planning to continue the WFH journey, to varying degrees. However, the most important part of their research is this statistic: over half of all companies surveyed say their biggest challenge is in managing employees remotely.

The stakes are even higher when it comes to managing remote contact center employees and operations. This line of work requires managers and employees to be agile, efficient, and fast with customer service. Consequently, having the right unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solution becomes a matter of outright success or abject failure. And that’s where you, as a service provider, have a golden opportunity.

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Supporting Contact Centers

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