Targeting Contact Center Verticals with Custom Solutions

Targeting Contact Center Verticals with Custom Solutions

Service providers face an increasing amount of competition when it comes to delivering contact center services. Luckily, more agile local providers have a competitive edge over the large communication corporations. Service providers who take a consultative approach to sales and support can easily outshine the big corporations who often land on the list of America’s most hated companies for poor customer service.

One way to differentiate yourself with excellent service is to focus on the needs of specific verticals.When it comes to selling to contact centers, it’s important to remember that no two verticals are alike. Each will emphasize some goals more than others – that’s why, as a service provider, you need a UC platform that enables you to create customized contact center services to meet these differing requirements. We have outlined the unique needs of two different vertical below.

Hospitality: Affordability

When it comes to selling in the hospitality market, service providers often work with owner groups that have multiple facilities in their portfolios. Each of these hotels also hosts multiple vendors on site, making it important for the owning groups to search for contact center solutions that can offer a diverse range of features for an affordable price. The ability to push customizations down to each department or even individual users is key to supporting these groups.

From the service provider perspective, it becomes ideal to find a communications platform that will give them access to all UCaaS/contact center features without attaching a high cost for every device. Just think how expensive it would be if each room phone required a per-seat license! In this way, service providers do not have to jack up their own prices for additional features and risk losing out on critical hospitality contact center deals. 


Retail: Mobility

In the retail sector, the “follow the sun” model of customer support is growing in importance as enterprises increasingly go global in their operations. Although bottom-line revenue is still important, retailers with international operations need agents that can respond during the hours that their clients do business. Here, cloud-native contact center functionality that supports mobility is incredibly important. 

With legacy on-premise solutions, we’ve seen multiple retailers attempt to design onsite call centers staffed by multiple shifts of agents and supervisors. As you can guess, this puts a major stop on their growth as it is hard to add more staff without also expanding infrastructure. 

Service providers offering netsapiens’ SNAPsolution have an edge as the platform’s cloud-native mobility allows retail enterprises to staff agents wherever it best makes sense from a customer service standpoint. This also ends up being good for revenue because it lets retailers cut down on the overhead associated with adding new, physical office space and equipment to accommodate more agents.


Pricing That Works for You: Pay for Sessions Not Seats

With many of the common B2B UCaaS/contact center vendors, service providers are restricted by seats and features-based pricing. With these models, to serve more customers or offer more features, they must purchase more licenses or pay higher prices, cutting into their efforts to establish long term profitability. Even worse, some of these providers bundle their licenses into packages, preventing service providers from acquiring licenses as needed, on an individual basis. As a result, an expanding provider may have to pay for more than they need. All this means more financial stress as service providers struggle to maintain and expand their margins.

As we’ve covered before in our “Sessions Not Seats” report and numerous blogs, sessions-based pricing relieves all these pain points. Paying based on concurrent sessions frees service providers to leverage the licenses they have for the new customers they want to sign. With our pricing structure, our clients have been able to sign new deals and expand their businesses in ways they could not with alternative options – just read our recent case studies for more details. Best of all, when you buy licenses for SNAPsolution, our contact center functionality is already included. You do not have to pay more just to acquire the features you want to offer. As we like to say, this is money in the bank.Contact us today to find out how our SNAPsolution platform and pricing model can help you achieve your business goals. We’re happy to help!


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