Tech Community Comes Back Together in Miami at ITExpo 2021

The NetSapiens booth at ITExpo 2021

NetSapiens Customer says “You guys owned the show!”

Last week in the Miami Beach Convention Center, the NetSapiens sales and marketing teams happily attended ITEXPO 2021, our first industry show since the pandemic began and since the company merged with Crexendo.

Coincidentally, ITExpo 2020 in March last year was the last show NetSapiens had a physical presence at, just before lockdowns occurred.

While this year’s attendance was guesstimated to be at only 50% or 60% of previous pre-pandemic ITExpos, NetSapiens sales and marketing leaders Jason Beckett and Jason Byrne were pleased with the outcome.

“We got solid leads and the attendees were serious. People came to our booth, wanting to do business—not just get a free pen,” said Beckett.

“The vast majority of  attendees were MSPs (managed service providers) and NetSapiens had a very strong presence at the show,” said Byrne. 

In addition to having a exhibitor’s booth in an excellent location and an off-site meeting room for existing partner confabs, NetSapiens “stepped up” it’s visibility by covering the stairs from the showroom to the meeting rooms with our logo and our recent accomplishment: “America’s Fastest Growing UCaaS Platform.

NetSapiens logo on ITEXPO 2021 staircase

In addition to signage at the venue, NetSapiens existing customers were providing great word of mouth PR, according to one of our salespeople. 

The NetSapiens prominence was further accentuated by our representation on several panel discussions at the conference.

On Wednesday, June 23, Mr. Bryne was the panelist and Dave Michels of was the moderator on the topic of “Chasing Revenue: New Opportunities for Service Providers.”

“Chasing Revenue” discussion centered on how the past year gave service providers many challenges, but how it also offered them many opportunities to generate new revenue streams. 

“Niche vertical integrations continue to accelerate service providers growth and stickiness at end users, and wrapping value around the 240+ NetSapiens APIs is the foundation for all this growth,” said Byrne.

Old sources of revenue based on existing capabilities became prominent because of the lockdowns. And then new sources of earnings came with the new technologies and services capable of supporting the “new normal” of hybrid work. 

Lively discussions

Byrne says the event was well attended and the conversation was lively amongst all. He was particularly pleased with the general acceptance of NetSapiens being the only company with a disruptive business model and being the “fastest growing UCass platform in America.” 

The moderator of the event was supportive as well. “Dave Michels is a firm believer in our ‘sessions not seats’ pricing model,” said Byrne. 

Earlier in the day, Byrne participated in a session titled “The Future of Service Providers: Leveraging Data in an AI World.” The moderator of this session was Akshay Sharma, a principal analyst for neXt Curve. 

The discussion was good and focused on how a cloud-enabled, data-driven world has massive amounts of data to process—too much for mere mortals to do in a timely manner. This is where AI (artificial intelligence) comes into play.

Mr. Byrne talked about how NetSapiens is employing AI for “sentiment analysis” in contact centers. This is a technology where conversations between customer service agents and callers are recorded and analyzed by AI, programmed to understand and rate key words with a positive or a negative or neutral within a conversation. 

AI can decipher the caller’s sentiment and if the caller is upset, the caller can automatically be transferred to the company’s best-rated customer service rep before things get out of hand and time is wasted. This is also a tool to help train agents to be better.

In summary, the NetSapiens’ first post-pandemic tradeshow was deemed a successful venture and we look forward to our next one: Channel Partners Conference and Expo 2021, November 1-4, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.