The Criteria to be a Winning Cloud Communications Provider

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Businesses want solutions with all the bells and whistles AND the nuts and bolts 

Most companies want a cloud solution with all the bells and whistles, including the latest tech features and an excellent user experience. They also want their service provider to have a strong product portfolio with everything they might need to save them the time and energy of having to shop around for a feature that may be necessary and unique to their industry. 

But like most of us, these businesses want it all. They want their cloud solution to be solid—tried and true—with all the nuts and bolts for good service performance in place. The must-have attributes are:

  • Security 
  • Compliance 
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

Providing more customer value

In a recently published white paper by Frost & Sullivan, the consulting firm queried a group of companies about their cloud collaboration solution preferences. The resulting data indicates that IT and telecom buyers use at least 10 types of criteria to select a cloud communications provider.

First and foremost on the list of criteria is security. Also, highly ranked is a provider having a broad product portfolio. It’s not surprising that pricing is ranked highly among provider selection criteria as well. See the data chart below for the details of the survey.

Tailored vertical strategies

While in the process of digital transformation, companies are often confronted by unique challenges because of their specific industry or their unique organizational and technological circumstances. 

Frost & Sullivan’s paper says, “By employing tailored vertical strategies, cloud communications providers can provide more customer value and differentiate from competitors. Flexible APIs and programmability are essential in this approach.”

Cloud communications and collaboration providers must be prepared to address top customer concerns and service requirements. Organizations that want their communications and collaboration needs to be met appropriately turn to NetSapiens UCaaS award-winning products like SNAPsolution.

“By demonstrating deeper understanding of vertical-specific challenges and objectives, providers can more effectively pitch the value proposition of cloud communications and collaboration to a broader stakeholder audience within customer organizations, beyond IT and telecom staff.”

Frost & Sullivan, May 2021

Frost & Sullivan survey results


Criteria consideredPercentage of IT/Telecom buyers surveyed
Cutting-edge features and functionality27%
Broad technology portfolioallowing for one-stop shopping26%
Customer testimonials/proven success23%
Technology evolution roadmap23%
Open standards/interoperabilitywith third-party software22%
Vendor reputation/existingvendor relationship22%
User preferences19%

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