The Great Expectations for the Future of Collaboration are Here Now and Growing

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Ramping up investments in messaging, meeting, and mobility tools

Businesses that know the value of 1) improving employee morale as well as 2) boosting customer service and satisfaction are now increasing their investments in messaging, meeting, and mobility tools. 

Companies that need a competitive edge understand the importance of adopting advanced collaboration tools to add to the value of their voice-calling investments and to meet the evolving needs of their users.

Propelled by the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has propelled the future of work into the present. As predicted by many, working at home or from other remote locations has become commonplace with most corporations. This evolution has made video conferencing, team spaces, soft clients, and webinars indispensable assets used on a daily basis. And these assets rely on an organization’s ability to provide unprecedented connectedness as well as user flexibility. 

Frost & Sullivan, the well-respected international consulting firm, recently conducted a survey of companies and learned that roughly half of all them were already employing five types of advanced collaboration tools. Nearly a third of those surveyed expect to invest in one or a combination of collaboration tools within the next two years.

Free of legacy constraints

This new state of business collaboration is freeing companies of legacy constraints, such as physical user location, the underlying network, or the need to employ purpose-built devices.

According to Frost & Sullivan, businesses are now rapidly adopting cloud communications “to address the unique requirements of more diverse work modes, maintain worker productivity, and ensure employee and customer safety.”

Frost & Sullivan survey results


ToolUsing TodayPlan to use within 2 Years
Team Collaboration Tools60%28%
Desktop Video Conferencing59%29%
Meeting-Room Video Conferencing58%30%
Desktop or Mobile Voice & UC Client49%36%
Reprinted from Frost & Sullivan

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