The Key Pillars of a Successful Cloud Strategy

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Effectively supporting a growing remote and mobile workforce

Trailblazing organizations see cloud services as a necessity for their business agility. That finding is outlined in a new white paper recently published by Frost & Sullivan about advanced cloud collaboration solutions. 

The well-respected international consulting firm’s report explains how a cloud services approach to the deployment of information, communications, and collaboration solutions is required for businesses to effectively support a growing remote and mobile workforce as well as multiple, far-flung business sites. 

Frost & Sullivan analysts say that currently smart companies are accelerating their cloud services adoption to address the challenges that are coming from ever-evolving customer demands, employee requirements, and other market variables.

In order to achieve desired outcomes and successfully transform their businesses, Frost & Sullivan believe that businesses must ensure that cloud services directly and positively impact vital workflows and processes.

Key Pillars

Frost & Sullivan analysts say the key pillars of a successful cloud strategy should include:

  • Close alignment with all business transformation projects
  • Sharp focus on improving KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Tight fit with the rest of the organization’s IT fabric and future IT roadmap
  • Well-designed mission-critical capabilities via integration with third-party businesses, productivity, communications and vertical applications and services, using deep and broad APIs
  • A trusted partnership with a cloud services provider that delivers excellent service performance and has a strong portfolio vision

In conclusion, the Frost & Sullivan report opines that “robust cloud strategies will enable companies to flexibly adapt operations and customer value propositions in response to highly-dynamic macro and micro factors.” 

Frost & Sullivan Survey Results

Global IT/Telecom decision makers trust the cloud 

Of businesses surveyed: 

Key business drivers in the decision to implement cloud solutions

Of businesses surveyed:

This market research and much more can be found in the Frost & Sullivan report titled Enabling Disruption Through Innovative Business Models and Advanced Cloud Collaboration Solutions

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