The Savvy Move – Accelerating Tech Investments During the Pandemic

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Don’t get left behind

Businesses that are just standing still with a “wait on the sidelines” approach during the current challenging times will be left behind by savvy competitors who are racing ahead in their digital transformation efforts.

This opinion is based on market research that can be found in a new report recently released by business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Other interesting market data found in Enabling Disruption Through Innovative Business Models and Advanced Cloud Collaboration Solutions reveals that:

Strengthening resilience

Whether it’s global pandemic, economic recession, social unrest, or any other disruptive event, it’s quite obvious that companies must enhance their business continuity programs and strengthen their resilience to adverse market conditions in order to survive and thrive. 

It’s not surprising that the recent worldwide Covid-19 turmoil has not affected all businesses equally. We know that digitally well-equipped businesses are better prepared to handle the tough times by: 

  • Maintaining operations
  • Keeping employees engaged and motivated
  • Continuing to promptly address customer needs

Going forward

Today’s smart business leaders know that digital technologies have the ability to help organizations prosper in both times of crisis as well as prosperity. They can also see that the right technology leads to an increase in customer satisfaction,  improved operational efficiencies, and growth in revenue. 

Businesses focused on future success aren’t waiting for brighter days before acting, they’re accelerating technology investments and launching holistic business transformation projects now.

Going forward, businesses will increasingly digitize important workflows and many will shift entire business models to digital platforms.

Guidance for service providers

Get up to speed by reading the entire Frost & Sullivan report, which is filled with insights and guidance. Service providers will learn how to choose UCaaS platform partners that unlock value on all levels. 

“NetSapiens [is] a compelling technology partner for providers seeking to future-proof their cloud communications offerings.”

Frost & Sullivan, May 2021
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