UCaaS Platforms Built so End Users Can Really “Be There” and Service Providers Can Increase Margins

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Truly understanding exactly what service providers need

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) platforms are about more than just helping teams connect. They’re about ensuring business goals are aligned with end users’ needs to be there — meaning, be wherever their post-pandemic, on-the-go life takes them while still being exactly where they need to be for work accessibility, engagement, and productivity. 

As workforces become more mobile and businesses grow, companies need more flexibility and functionality in UC&C platforms. Therefore, service providers need UCaaS vendors to build platforms that meet the objectives of their corporate customers as well as their own. Additionally, service providers need a pricing model that enables them to be profitable. 

To meet these requirements for our service provider partners and their end users, NetSapiens developed solutions by starting with a simple question.

How can we help our service providers be successful?

We believe that platform vendors need to truly understand what exactly service providers need — and what they don’t. This doesn’t mean focusing on the fancy bells and whistles they might want — rather, it means listening to service providers and getting to the heart of what empowers them and their enterprise customers. 

Service providers told us they need simple, powerful solutions that take complex requirements and make them easy to meet. And service providers also need a pricing model like NetSapiens’ universal session licensing that gives them more ROI. 

By following through and building a “flexible platform and having a flexible way of doing business,” we’ve been successful at disrupting the market.

The NetSapiens “Cinderella” success story

We recently announced our “Vendor Spotlight” appearance in Frost & Sullivan’s UCaaS report1, where NetSapiens was highlighted as the third-party platform vendor with the fastest growth rate in the North American market. In fact, we’re now ranked #4 by UCaaS seats in this market. But, let’s look beyond the numbers and see what this really signifies for this industry. 

NetSapiens is the third-party platform vendor with the fastest growth rate in the North American market.


Challenging the status quo

CEO and co-founder Anand Bush says, “NetSapiens is a Cinderella story. We’ve made the final four. We’ve decisively carved out a space on the leaderboard of the UC&C arena. With our disruptive pricing model based on sessions not seats and more than 18 years of innovation honing our offerings, NetSapiens has achieved distinction as a top-tier vendor. But our job is far from done.” 

anand buch
NetSapiens CEO and Co-founder Anand Buch

Perhaps even more important than reaching this milestone is the clear recognition of the NetSapiens’ trailblazing model, built from an enduring core of market attentiveness and preemptive innovation. 

“Our success is due to being laser-focused and aligning ourselves with the business objectives of our partners.” Mr. Buch concludes, “The market for UC&C is now telling a new story: Disruptive platform providers are challenging the status quo on behalf of a new era of business.” 

So, what is our UCaaS disruption based upon? 

We built a portfolio of cloud-native, UCaaS-disruptive solutions — including our flagship SNAPsolution platform — that are intuitive, flexible, easy to use, and help service providers make more money with better margins. Plus, with APIs and integrations, the deal gets even sweeter.

We start with the mindset of thinking like a service provider — not like someone trying to sell to them. This thought process helps NetSapiens go beyond solutions that align with customer demand. We try to see what’s coming next for customers and always stay one step ahead — anticipating where they’re going. Then, it’s all about building a genuinely differentiated commercial model that helps users thrive with the UC&C capabilities they need while helping them avoid what they don’t need. 

NetSapiens’ pricing model and collaboration solutions are disrupting the UC&C market. The numbers and our success with 190+ service providers and 1.7 million application seats speak for themselves. Want to learn more? Read the report. 

Next week’s blog: Frost & Sullivan’s Advice for Cloud Comms Buyers and Service Providers

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