What Steps Should You Take to Improve Your First-Contact Resolution (FCR)?


In the realm of customer service, first-contact resolution (FCR) plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and retention. Companies that prioritize FCR often experience higher profits and customer loyalty. To improve FCR, businesses must focus on providing context to agents, enabling personalized customer experiences, delivering consistent experiences across all touchpoints, building agent support channels, and enhancing the employee experience. By integrating Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, companies can achieve these goals and transform their customer experience.

Provide Context to the Agent Through a Unified View of CX:

Context is essential in resolving customer issues promptly. By integrating front-office and back-office systems into a unified platform, agents gain a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey and previous interactions. This unified view empowers agents to address issues effectively, provide personalized assistance, and anticipate customer needs. Having access to contextual information leads to faster resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

Enable Personalized Customer Experiences:

Customers expect personalized experiences and proactive notifications from businesses. By leveraging omnichannel context and insights, organizations can tailor their interactions based on customer preferences and past behavior.

This approach helps build trust, increases customer satisfaction, and fosters loyalty. Understanding the customer’s journey and communicating in an empathetic manner enhances the overall customer experience.  

Deliver Consistent Experiences Across All Touchpoints:

A unified view of CX enables organizations to provide consistent experiences across various touchpoints and channels. Customers should have a seamless experience, regardless of where or how they interact with the brand. Transparency and collaboration within the organization promote customer-centricity and ensure that the customer’s journey remains smooth and consistent.

Build Agent Support Channels by Extending Their Reach in Real Time:

Connecting front-office and back-office solutions empowers agents to collaborate with subject matter experts in real time. By establishing support channels, agents can access expertise without transferring the customer to different departments. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat their issues and enhances problem-solving capabilities. Real-time collaboration improves FCR and builds trust with customers.

The Multiplier Effect - Better Employee Experience Accelerates FCR:

Investing in employee experience (EX) positively impacts FCR. By integrating front and back offices, businesses provide agents with the tools and support they need to resolve issues efficiently. Seamless access to subject matter experts and real-time problem resolution enhances job satisfaction and reduces turnover rates. A satisfied and knowledgeable workforce leads to higher FCR rates and happier customers.

How to Achieve It:

The Key to FCR Success: Nurturing the Power in UCaaS & CCaaS Integration

To successfully integrate UCaaS and CCaaS, businesses should consider two approaches: a full stack solution or a multi-vendor approach. While a full stack solution offers a seamless experience, a multi-vendor approach provides flexibility and integration capabilities. With the help of APIs, businesses can connect various components of UCaaS and CCaaS into a single platform, ensuring complete visibility and efficient data sharing.

The Importance of APIs When Choosing Your Vendor(s):

APIs play a crucial role in integrating UCaaS and CCaaS solutions. They enable seamless communication and data sharing between platforms, ensuring real-time updates and personalized customer experiences. When selecting vendors, businesses should prioritize those with open and standards-based interfaces. APIs and software development kits (SDKs) offer limitless possibilities for integration and customization.

The Solution: One Platform, One Experience – Crexendo’s NetSapiens® Platform:

Crexendo® offers a comprehensive CX solution that combines UCaaS and CCaaS into a unified platform. With the NetSapiens® platform, businesses can achieve improved FCR rates, enhanced collaboration and seamless customer experience.