How to Navigate a Metaswitch MaX UC End-Of-Life Announcement

Your Next Decision is the Most Important Your Company Faces

The end-of-life announcement of Metaswitch MaX UC marks a pivotal moment for your business. As you contemplate your next move, it’s essential to consider the long-term implications of your decision. While the temptation to migrate to a widely recognized platform like Microsoft Teams may seem enticing, it’s crucial to recognize the potential pitfalls that lie ahead.

Avoid Reselling Bigger Brands Than Yours.
  • Selling a Larger Brand than Yours, Service Providers Struggle to Differentiate in a Crowded Landscape
  • Dilution of identity: Reselling a larger brand may overshadow your own identity, risking loss of differentiation and market presence.
  • Dependency risk: Relying solely on a bigger brand for sales can lead to vulnerability if the partnership ends or terms change.
  • Limited flexibility: Being tied to a larger brand will definitely restrict your ability to innovate or adapt to evolving market needs.
Who will Own Your Customer a Year From Now?
  • Does Microsoft really Need You anymore, whose brand is bigger?
  • Ownership uncertainty: Relying heavily on reselling a larger brand leads to ambiguity about who ultimately owns the customer relationship in the long term.
  • The transfer of customer ownership to Microsoft – As your customers interact and engage with the platform, their data and usage patterns become valuable assets controlled by Microsoft. This shift in ownership not only undermines your ability to establish direct relationships with your customers but also exposes you to the risk of losing them to Microsoft’s ecosystem in the long run.
Take Back Control and Unlock Your Brand Potential.
  • Shape your brand’s narrative and distinguishing it from larger competitors, fostering authenticity and trust.
  • Breaking away from reselling a larger brand allows you to innovate and tailor offerings to match your unique vision and client needs.
  • Embracing autonomy positions your brand as a leader rather than a follower, attracting clients seeking tailored solutions and personalized service.
Choose a platform that allows you to Tailor Your Solutions to Meet Your Customers Needs.
  • The ability to customize ensures your services remain relevant and differentiated in a crowded market, attracting clients seeking personalized solutions. 
  • Unlock limitless customization: Leverage industry leading APIs to tailor solutions precisely to your customers needs.
Offer All the Features & Benefits of Metaswitch and More while Diversifying Your Portfolio onto a Unified Single Platform
Join The Revolution and Never Pay Your Vendor Per Seat Again
  • Service Providers are moving away from per seat pricing.
  • Scalability without constraints: Enjoy unlimited growth potential without incurring additional seat-based expenses, enabling seamless expansion and flexibility.
  • 10X Your Margins: By avoiding per-seat vendor charges, enjoy significantly higher margins, enhancing profitability and financial sustainability.

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